February 2nd, 2010

Why are, comic books loved so much?

by Don

Comic books have been one of the most loved creations ever since Disney launched them. There have been advancements in the art of creating the same but they still have not lost their visual appeal. Although everyone loves comic books so much, it is hard to find the rare golden age comic books. They were printed in 1930’s and 40s when you must have been hardly born. Therefore, the collectors love to Sell Comic Books like these at huge prices. They get their cash payments based on the appraisals of their old collections. They can get the best because selling companies need such vintage collections on their hands. Such classic comic books are a rarity and many buyers would love to read them.

Archie’s and Betty were, also known to the world through comic books only. They have become as popular as expressions of American teenage life. Ghost rider, which is such a popular movie, is, made on a comic book only. Although Disney has been responsible for introducing world to frivolous, comic characters like the Mickey Mouse, Marvel on the other hand has given characters like batman, hulk and ironman.

Everyone strives to see the most original creations of comic characters like wonder woman, super man and captain America. These quintessential comic books took the world by a storm. They gave a chance to many superheroes to debut like superman and captain America. Even comics of marvel characters like hulk, flash and batman became a rage and are popular as Collectibles due to their exemplary artwork featuring action.

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