April 3rd, 2013

The Positive Impact of London 2012 on Student Sport Tours

by Don

Described as the People’s Games, the London 2012 Olympiad was an astonishing triumph. The glittering success of so many of the home nation’s athletes is sure to inspire future generations to take up sport. For young competitors, there is no better place to hone their skills than on a sporting tour.

Bringing a Nation Together

Despite reservations from a number of parties, both abroad and in the United Kingdom, that London could not host an Olympic games as successfully as Sydney and Beijing, the nation’s capital did so with ease. Hailed as a complete triumph the world over, London 2012 showed off the very best aspects of not only the city itself, but the nation as a whole, with the population coming together in celebration as perhaps never before. In addition to adding a great deal to the country’s finances, the Olympics have acted as a springboard for future generations of athletes to launch their careers.

While student sports tours have been taking place for many years now, they have never been as popular as they are today. With London 2012 acting as an inspiration, many more schoolchildren are now considering sport as a potential future career, meaning that organised sporting tours will continue to rise in popularity. When taking up a new sport, in addition to learning and cultivating physical skills, children will also come to realise the importance of discipline, respect and professionalism. All of these essential qualities for enjoying a successful sporting career can be enhanced on a student tour.

A Golden Opportunity

Whatever the chosen sport, professionally organised sports tours give students the opportunity of not only taking on other competitors of a similar standard, but also the rare chance to receive golden words of advice from expert trainers. Many tours, particularly those that go overseas, also take in important historical sights and attractions, therefore helping children widen their knowledge of other cultures. Tours such as this, which offer other educational activities outside of sport, tend to be more popular with parents, who are obviously keen for their children to continue their education in addition to playing sport.

The Future of Sport in Britain

As the nation has learned from the colossal juggernaut that was London 2012, sport at its very best brings people together and invokes emotions like no other form of entertainment. Seeing athletes from various sports realising their ultimate dream of an Olympic medal after years of hard work and preparation is an inspiration to us all. The success of the London Games has opened a number of doors for future sporting stars. Youngsters have seen that, with true dedication and discipline, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Parents who may have previously been sceptical about their children’s sporting aspirations now realise it may not be such a pipe dream after all.

With such a large number of the younger generation looking to emulate their heroes, the future of British sport looks very healthy indeed.

Jennifer writes regularly on the subject of sport, particularly overseas events, for a variety of sporting websites and blogs. Recently, she has become more involved with student sports tours and keeps a keen eye on their progress.

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