April 3rd, 2009

Spend an exciting GAP year in South America

by Don

For students looking to spend their gap years in a useful and interesting manner, there are many options available. South America is a hot destination for students with gap year plans. Living here is inexpensive; at the same time it is culturally rich and provides ample scope for adventure – just what students need!

Students can choose to intern, volunteer, teach English, get certified to teach English, learn Spanish as part of GAP year programs. Internship can be done for a student’s current or future study area. There is scope for volunteer programs in Patagonia and Buenos Aires. There are many universities and schools where students can learn as well as teach.

For learning Spanish Buenos Aires is an ideal place. There are several Spanish schools and universities that offer Spanish courses to students. These courses are for varied periods from a few weeks to several weeks, depending on the level of learning. The levels could be basic, intermediate or advanced. There are special projects available in Spanish that can be taken up by students. The fee structure is based on the course level and duration. Staying facilities are also offered like student residence, shared apartments and individual apartments.

To volunteer South America is apt. South America is a place that could use volunteers. It provides an opportunity for the students to gain a real life, first hand experience of the country. There are many volunteer positions that can be taken up by students as part of their GAP year program.

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  1. This is a great way for getting some experience and traveling abroad. If I could, I would apply immediately because it is a great way of learning new languages, and it’s always good to know a few.

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