October 14th, 2008

Russian contrasts are worth visiting!

by Don

Russia is a country of contrasts! You have never seen such a beauty together with a “standing army” of homeless people and poverty as well. For sure, Moscow or St.Petersburg are not the mirrors of Russia as a whole – these cities are just new European ones and they do not practically differ from Paris, Berlin, Vienna or other European cities. At the same time they are completely different: architecture, style, sophistication and excitement are really great! You will never see such grotesque palaces and churches with the only exception of Rome. Famous Arbat street, matreshkas sold by babushkas are the only stereotypes of Russia but actually ony half of all the said is true!

You can easily get a visa document to Russia from Russian National Group with its offices in the Unite States. The journey will be 100% unforgettable experience and who knows, may be you’ll love this country and travel once again.

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  1. I would also recommend talking to other travelers who already went to Russia to get their insights and advice.

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