October 17th, 2011

Experiencing Yangtze On A Ship

by Don

Are you planning to take your family to China for a vacation next month? Well, China is an amazing country and it embodies everything Asian at its best. When you think of a holiday in China you immediately think visiting the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and the Tiananmen Square. However, the one thing that you definitely should not miss during your visit in China is the Yangtze River cruise. You must have heard of the old saying “On a slow boat to China”. The Yangtze cruise is just like that; it’s all about relaxing on River Yangtze and soaking in the experience. Yangtze River is the longest in Asia and these cruises will enable you to see up, close and personal the stretch between Yichang and Chonqing.

No matter which Yangtze cruise you choose you, will be able to enjoy the beautiful, out-of-the-world sceneries. In Mandarin, Yangtze River is known as Chang Jiang and these cruises will take you through the mystic mountains, green farmlands and nature preserves. Though the different cruises stop their ships in different places it will be great if you can get on a cruise that will take you through Three Gorges area. Here you can actually get down from the ship and see the Three Gorges Dam which is the world’s biggest hydroelectric dam. The cruises also stop at Lesser Three Gorges. Here you will actually be ale to see Dragon Gate, Misty and Emerald gorges. So, when you are taking your pick from China tours make sure that you definitely opt for a Yangtze cruise.

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