September 19th, 2011

Darwin Tourist Attractions

by Don

Darwin, Australia, is known for tourism. This northern Australia city employs tens of thousands of people thanks to tourism. This might not mean much to you on the surface, but it means that Darwin is home to some exciting and beautiful sites. When you choose to visit Darwin, be sure to look into Darwin hotels, which will give you the highest quality at the best price. Now let’s take a look at several Darwin attractions.

Crocosauras Cove is a great place to visit if you like crocodiles. Okay, nobody really likes crocodiles, but if you’d like to observe these frightening prehistoric creatures from up close, then Crocosauras Cove is the place to be. Not only can you get up close to the crocs, but you can also feed them, hold them and swim with them. The feeding takes place from a safe, elevated platform. You can hold a baby croc. As far as swimming with the crocs, you can do this behind a glass wall that makes it appear you’re really swimming in the same area with them. They can see you and they will approach, but they can’t reach you. Once your visit is complete, be sure to take a croc photo with your friends and/or family.

Mindil Beach Market is an exciting and relaxing destination. It’s exciting when you’re at the market and relaxing when you’re on the beach. At the market, you will find pretzels, hot dogs, ices, popcorn, musicians and more. The beach is huge and the perfect place to watch a sunset with a loved one. During the day, you can parasail, canoe or kayak. The water is a little too calm for surfing on most days.

The Rock is a rock climbing gym located inside a World War II oil tank. It’s the ideal place for adventurers to visit, whether or not you have rock climbing experience. Other activities include mountain biking, archery, obstacle courses and even overnight camping adventures. If you’re traveling with children, there is something for them as well – a multi-story play maze.

If that doesn’t sound like enough, strongly consider visiting the East Point Preserve and Charles Darwin National Park. Another option is to catch a rugby game. Regardless of what itinerary you choose, it’s important that you look into Canberra hotels. By doing so, the money you save on a hotel will allow you more money to spend on attractions.

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