December 17th, 2008

Cuban Holidays

by Don

We normally plan a vacation one or at the most twice a year. We save most of our hard-earned money so that we can go to a dream vacation that gives us the value for our money. This quest to travel to our dream vacation makes us search for different fascinating locations. One of these locations that will surely amaze you is Cuba.

Cuba is one of the greatest Caribbean destinations with amazing tropical splendor. The islands of Cuba are untouched and extremely beautiful. In addition, they are completely safe. Cuba boasts of a warm climate and a pulsating night life. It has a rich historical past and prides itself with many great and magnificent sandy beaches as well as sparkling blue waters. In spite of its growing popularity, Cuba is still one of the least expensive destinations, all over the world. While traveling to Cuba you get to experience the vibrating Salsa music, which undoubtedly will make you dance to its rhythm. Havana, the capital city of Cuba, provides a unique cultural experience and has quite a contrast of new buildings besides old and historic ones. The major local transport of Havana is old coconut-shaped taxis, which are fun to ride.

Cuba hotels, too, are reasonably priced and offer a lot of sports to tourists including golf, tennis, and exciting water sports. You can choose from a variety of incredible hotels such as, Melia Habana, Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Parque Central, Santa Isabel, and Saratoga Hotel, just to name a few.

If you want to plan a vacation in Cuba, you can consult Floridita Travel, which is one of the best travel agencies for a cool and amazing holiday in Cuba.

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