October 20th, 2011

Cruising Through The Baltic Lands

by Don

The Baltic cruises are a favorite of the travelers who wish to experience Baltic beauty at its best. The Baltic Sea greets the tourists with plenty of spectacular vistas. The large water body is surrounded by Danish islands that have been gifted with breathtaking picturesque sceneries. The Baltic cruise trips take you towards many enthralling destinations. The cruisers would surely love the Soviet capital of St. Petersburg which has impressed all since ages. The city is packed with magnificent castles of the Czars, the beautiful archaic cathedrals and churches. Then, the city also holds some of the finest collections of art and is a favorite of the travelers due to its magical ballet shows.

Helisinki is another attraction here with its refreshing cool weather that makes it a must visit for the summer time cruises. The city is a traveler’s delight with its cafes and bars abound and also the beautiful little islands offering many watery wonders to interested tourists. The Baltic cruise again takes you to Copenhagen, a great destination for your wonderful Baltic holiday. It’s an amazing combo of the old world and modern times with its medieval streets and plenty of trendy restaurants and bars and roller coaster rides. It’s good to mention that the Baltic cruise trips are famous for their excellent world class accommodations, great cuisines by some of the best chefs in the world and awe inspiring views. There are many other amusements inside the cruise itself like theatres, casinos, playing grounds and many more which are not found in flights or trains.

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