June 7th, 2010

Car Hiring: The perfect way to explore Johannesburg

by Don

Johannesburg, the largest city of South Africa, the largest economy of Sub Saharan Africa and the most popular South African city, yes several more titles are given to this beautiful city of South Africa. Let’s talk about in reference to most popular South African city. Stunning beaches, lots of museums and art galleries, awesome landscapes, bustling nightlife and beautiful parks have been the major reason of increased demand for flights to Johannesburg for the last few years. Johannesburg offers a lot of sights to be explored and hiring a car is the perfect way to explorer each and every site of the city. Though Johannesburg has a sound local transport system that can be utilized to get around the city but having a private car multiplies your pleasure in Johannesburg. Self drive gives you the soundest chance to explore the city with more flexibility as compared to organized tours.

Well! Several rental car companies are offering their quality services In Johannesburg but searching the best company would be the time consuming. To save your time and money, car hiring from the Johannesburg airport is most suitable option for you. Once you get landed on O.R. Tambo International Airport you can hire a car right away. Obviously, you would be with your luggage so it is good to rent a car to avoid any difficulty. Don’t you worry; the car can be organized by your travel agent via a reputable car hire company. Car hiring guarantees us the perfect Johannesburg trip.

If you have a plan to visit the urban areas, you can hire any model of a car as the paved road network will give you very comfortable and smooth journey. You can easily move to Johannesburg Art Gallery, Standard Bank Gallery, Johannesburg Zoo, South African National Museum of Military History and Ferreira’s Mine etc. The best advantage of having a private car is; you can go to anywhere with your own desire and even you can stay at any shop to buy something. Most of the tourists hope to get the best way to get around the city after having cheap flights to Johannesburg and rental car is the answer of their question.

If you are planning to visit the rural areas of the cities including villages around Johannesburg then 4×4 is highly recommended. However, to perfectly use the 4×4 in Johannesburg you must take advantage of following tips.

  • Choose a 4 wheeler that has a GPS device. GPS becomes essential when you are driving in an unfamiliar city. Johannesburg encompasses lots of shrubs and bush areas where you can easily take a wrong turn so you need to have the GPS device that can guide you to the right path.
  • Before going out you should plan your routes and destinations precisely. This is very important in order to avoid any risky areas.
  • Choose the best considered routes which are safe and are filled with shops and petrol pumps or CNG stations.

In short, whether you want to visit any urban area or any rural area in Johannesburg, rental car is the best option to get around. Book your Johannesburg flights and get around the city in most desirable way.

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