March 12th, 2014

Best Places in UK

by Don

You cannot boast of being in the UK unless you have had this experience of its Amazing selection of its special events. Below are various places to visit to enjoy your visit.

Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland

Since AD 122 Northumberland has undergone a very minor change. There are a number of sites on the wall where illustration of Roman archaeology is vivid. For instance, at Chester’s fort which is an hour drive from new castle the foundations of a number of buildings are up to today visible. To be able to have a fantastic moment take a walk along the wall when you happen to visit there.

Natural History Museum

This is where you can find dino jaws. Features of 10 new animatronics dinosaurs are what dinos jaw are comprised of. Its 9meters long with 96 teeth. For less than 30 dollars you can visit this archeological site together with your family.

Turkish Baths and Health spa

This is in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. It was revived by refurbishing of Victoria Royal baths. Inside it your find Islamic Arches and screens,painted ceilingsa glazed brick works. To visit this place you only need less than 10 dollars, where you can move from room to of different temperatures. After that you can visit a tea room which is just a walk up the road for a drink and a slice of a cake.

Lincoln Cathedral and the Da Vinci Code

It’s known to be one of the fines of the buildings in the Europe. Lincoln is visited every time in the year round. Its popularity has grown since it plays part in the Da Vinci Code movie .The Westminster Abbey is replaced by the cathedral that featured there but denied them permission to shoot the movie there. You can go and admire the carvings. You only need less than 10 dollars to visit together with your family.

Tynedale Beer Festival

It’s an attractive village in that started life as a Roman settlement. Visitors can enjoy an alphabet of brews from abbey dale to Youngs.The place has several beds around therefore no difficulties in walking in their resting places.

New Castle Race course

This is where you find sport and glamor. Lovers of sport fill the New castle race course throughout the year. Horses have been racing in this course since the year 1982.Its also the East’s premier race course which occupies 812 hectares’. Arrange a picnic and enjoy a sport of Kings with your family.

Climb Big Ben Clock Tower

Its correct name is St Stephens Tower. Big Ben is that Bell that rings each hour. The Bell is names after sir Benjamin Wall. The repeated Bell Dong throughout the year is very unforgettable. Imagine having a view of it is free of charge, anytime any day anybody can visit.

Outdoor Proms Concert, Belton House Grantham

It is a place known by many as a location for house dramas. When you wish to watch the English National Orchestra, this is where to go. For only 60 dollars you can take your family to visit this place and have fun.

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