September 18th, 2010

A perfect Romantic retreat

by Don

Last year I was determined to really knock the socks off my girlfriend on Valentines day. I told her nothing of my plans, but I quietly went about trying to find us a nice little holiday over the special day. After a lot of searching around online, I eventually came across some Lake Garda Holidays which looked just perfect. The Lake sounded just perfect for the two of us. My girlfriend loved wind surfing, and Lake Garda was famed for it, and I knew from friends who had been there before, that the shore line of this enormous lake was littered with sleepy little towns with delightful restaurants which hadn’t changed for years. I booked us a pair of tickets to stay on a camp site down there, and kept my mouth shut until the night before the trip!

My girlfriend was so shocked when I told her! Naturally though she was thrilled, and she obviously had a clue that something was going on when she had seen me getting the suit cases out of the loft! As soon as we arrived it was obvious that she loved the place, and so did I. It was everything I had imagined and more, and we went on to have one of the most memorable weeks of our lives. I’m sure that it is somewhere that we will visit again and again, and I am just so glad that I happened across the place when I could so easily have chosen somewhere else!

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