June 17th, 2008

A Perfect Holiday Destination New York

by Don

New York is USA’s third most populous city, situated in the Mid-Atlantic. New York has a warm, humid climate, but you can never beat the holiday mood here! Filled with exciting places, you never feel like returning home. Let us throw light on some interesting places.

American Museum of Natural History:

This museum is one of the largest and well known museums not only in USA but the largest in the world!! Want to know more about evolution and fossil records, it is the best place to see all our ancestral remains here!! Learn more about the process of evolution and it is the best place for your children especially if they love nature! Learn more about dinosaurs and their various forms and travel to the age of Dinosaurs!

It consists of the Hayden Planetarium which gives information about astronomical news.

Empire State Building:

By far the most famous landmark of New York, its 86th floor observatory still remains as the favorite destination to view Manhattan. The light in the night time illuminate the Empire State Building and gives it a new appearance. The lighting is different for different parts of the year as during St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas Day. Not only this if you climb to the top of the building then you get a spectacular view of the city itself!!

No needs to search for attractions in New York .You are taken to those places which is most attractive in New York. You see the image on the screen which gives you a feeling that you are riding through New York in a flight! Thanks to this Sky ride present in the Empire State Building.

The 86th Floor observatory is at a height of 1050 feet and you can reach that peak of the building through automatic elevators!

Statue of Liberty:

Another landmark in New York given to America as a Gift by France!! This symbol of freedom stands very tall at a height of 152 feet and weighs 4500000 pounds. If you want a fine view of New York and lower Manhattan. So take your camera along with you as it is the best you can take along with you when you return home!!

Times Square:

Named in 1904 after New York Times Tower, it has achieved the status of an iconic landmark and a symbol of New York. The Times Square is the site of New Year celebrations so that is the best time to visit the place. You find a lot of advertisement banners here to attract public. The best place to learn about products, this place is the busiest of the city.

Central Park:

The most visited park in US, it holds scenic hills, meadows, playgrounds, skating rinks, ball fields and other attractions. Many sports activities such as New York City marathon is held here. Many athletes run making this a famous place. One more is Manhattan’s Bed Rock which climbers use. The better-known sculptors represented in Central Park are the Augustus Saint-Gaudens and John Quincy Adams Ward. It also hosts the “Angel of the Waters” at Bethesda Terrace by Emma Stebbins, was the first large public sculpture commission for an American woman. So lots to look forward to here in the Central Park!!

Astroland Amusement Park (Coney Islands):

This amusement park located in Coney Islands is loved by the New Yorkers themselves. This place has lot to offer in terms of amusement rides and beaches. One can see the Wonder Wheel, the world’s tallest ferry wheel, and includes the Cyclone, a wooden rollercoaster built in 1927 and the B and B carousel.

New York promises to be an exciting place for the tourists. Every penny is worth it!

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