Holidays To Seychelles: A Trip Of A Lifetime

by Don under Travel Destinations on Sep 28, 2011

An archipelago nation comprise of 115 islands, Seychelles rests in the calm waters of the Indian Ocean near the mainland of Africa. Probably one of the most serene and tranquil locations in the planet, this island country are renowned the world over for their coral reefs, rich array of fauna and flora, and hospitable climate. No wonder, each year it attracts millions from different corner of the globe. For the best requirements and comforts of the tourists and visitors, the tourism industry and the Government of Seychelles have collaborated to craft a range of tempting hotels throughout the several atolls, amidst the laps of Mother Nature. Most of the hotels in Seychelles are basically full service resorts, thereby offering all the modern amenities and facilities.

Vacations in Seychelles are tailor made for wedding or honeymoon purposes. In fact, most newlyweds opt for holidays to Seychelles than any other island nation. Besides its picturesque beauty and breathtaking sceneries, you can also indulge in spa centers. The one at Saint Anne is quite popular in this part of the world. A session can help you burn down your mundane stress and tensions, and help relinquish your taxed brain and body. Most private hotel groups and resorts often offer complimentary discounts and offers to groups of tourists, and even couples, so as to spice up their visit. So, do not waste much time. Pack your bags, book your tickets, and be in the next flight to Seychelles. It’s surely going to be a trip of a lifetime.


5 Things to do in L.A.

by Don under Travel Destinations on Sep 19, 2011

Everyone wants to visit Los Angeles. It’s a place where dreams come true. Unfortunately, it’s also a place where dreams fail. It’s not that easy to get noticed in Los Angeles. The good news for a traveler who doesn’t live in the area is that you only get to enjoy the great aspects of the city, which we will cover here. While we will focus on attractions, be sure to look into Los Angeles holiday packages prior to booking your trip. This is the best way to save money.

Disney Hall might sound like an amusement park to some people, but it’s actually a concert hall. This is where you go if you want to see and hear classical music being played live. Gustavo Dudamel – Music Director of Los Angeles Philharmonic – does an excellent job. He’s highly energetic. You will be entertained; that’s for sure. You might also enjoy the unique architecture of the building. It was designed by Frank Gehry and is all stainless steel. The twists and turns are remarkable.

Dodger Stadium is not the most interesting ballpark in the major leagues. Actually, it’s old and on the standard side. However, going to a Dodgers game is a unique experience. It’s more about spotting celebrities than watching the game. That’s why so many people leave in the middle of the game. If you’re a baseball fan, the good news is the Dodgers are a solid organization and usually put a competitive team on the field.

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is the second largest museum in the country. It’s home to more than 35 million different artifacts. It also has something for everyone. For instance, for those who love the outdoors, go to the Rose Garden. If you like birds, visit the Pavilion of Wings. If you prefer butterflies, visit the Butterfly Pavilion. For kids, there is plenty to do, including an interactive dinosaur-themed room in the basement.

If you like to party, Club Mayan will be one of the best experiences of your life. The prices are fair and the atmosphere is insane – that’s meant in a good way. This 3-level nightclub has different types of music and atmospheres on each floor. There is also an outdoor section. Oh, and the people are gorgeous.

Are you more of the laidback type? If that’s the case, go to the Million Dollar Theater, which is the best place to see classic films such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Blade Runner.

This is only a small sampling of how much there is to do in Los Angeles. These attractions will cost money, which makes saving money on Los Angeles holiday packages so important. If you’re going to do L.A., do it right.


Darwin Tourist Attractions

by Don under Travel Destinations on Sep 19, 2011

Darwin, Australia, is known for tourism. This northern Australia city employs tens of thousands of people thanks to tourism. This might not mean much to you on the surface, but it means that Darwin is home to some exciting and beautiful sites. When you choose to visit Darwin, be sure to look into Darwin hotels, which will give you the highest quality at the best price. Now let’s take a look at several Darwin attractions.

Crocosauras Cove is a great place to visit if you like crocodiles. Okay, nobody really likes crocodiles, but if you’d like to observe these frightening prehistoric creatures from up close, then Crocosauras Cove is the place to be. Not only can you get up close to the crocs, but you can also feed them, hold them and swim with them. The feeding takes place from a safe, elevated platform. You can hold a baby croc. As far as swimming with the crocs, you can do this behind a glass wall that makes it appear you’re really swimming in the same area with them. They can see you and they will approach, but they can’t reach you. Once your visit is complete, be sure to take a croc photo with your friends and/or family.

Mindil Beach Market is an exciting and relaxing destination. It’s exciting when you’re at the market and relaxing when you’re on the beach. At the market, you will find pretzels, hot dogs, ices, popcorn, musicians and more. The beach is huge and the perfect place to watch a sunset with a loved one. During the day, you can parasail, canoe or kayak. The water is a little too calm for surfing on most days.

The Rock is a rock climbing gym located inside a World War II oil tank. It’s the ideal place for adventurers to visit, whether or not you have rock climbing experience. Other activities include mountain biking, archery, obstacle courses and even overnight camping adventures. If you’re traveling with children, there is something for them as well – a multi-story play maze.

If that doesn’t sound like enough, strongly consider visiting the East Point Preserve and Charles Darwin National Park. Another option is to catch a rugby game. Regardless of what itinerary you choose, it’s important that you look into Canberra hotels. By doing so, the money you save on a hotel will allow you more money to spend on attractions.


Explore Tropical Paradise At Discovery Cove

by Don under Travel Guide on Sep 17, 2011

Have you ever dreamt of exploring the depths of rivers and oceans, mingling with the sea creatures, or even playing with dolphins and fishes? Well, if that’s the case, then you should not miss the opportunity of visiting Discovery Cove. Truly a place beyond words, this theme park in Orlando offers you and your family a chance to dive deep into the grand reef, as well as to explore the habitat of dolphins, rays and exotic tropical fishes, and spend quality time discovering various facets and aspects of their lives. In case you are an adrenalin junkie, you can try out daring activities like snorkeling. Besides, you can spend time lazing around the pristine beaches of the Cove, watching the various species of tropical birds.

Discovery Cove is the best place to tranquilize your tired mind and relinquish your body. Most families and couples visit the Cove for a unique and innovative stress busting experience. You can float away into the scenic landscapes or escape into the tropical paradise, forgetting the workload of mundane life. Owing to its uniqueness, though, you need to make a reservation regarding your visit to the park. Generally, a one month prior booking is advisable. Discovery Cove also provides several packages and plans to suit the need and requirement of a wide range of people. You can even purchase Discovery Cove Orlando Tickets right from their official website, which can provide you complete details regarding the Park, as well as the various attractions, offers and policies.


Discover Alaska Like Never Before, With Cruise Lines

by Don under Travel Destinations on Sep 17, 2011

Traveling has always been one of the favorite pastimes for men and women throughout the world. It’s the inherent nature of human beings to reach out for the unknown. But it’s the destination that itches in people’s memory forever. One of the best ways of travelling in the modern world is via cruises and ocean liners. Cruises have always presented to people an opportunity to explore new places and locations, while traveling luxuriously. One can indulge in pleasure voyages with superior treatment, while associating with a Cruise Line. It’s like a mobile mini-hotel, a home away from home. Although there has been severe criticism regarding the safety and security related with Cruise Lines, many famous ocean liners still continue to operate, thereby boosting the tourism industry.

One of the most scenic locations, perhaps in the entire world, is Alaska. This North-Western region of the United States boasts of impressive sceneries, panoramic waterfalls, snow-clad mountain ranges, cedar and pine forests, and lastly, mammoth icebergs and glaciers. Even the flora and fauna related to Alaska is exclusive, as they are not found anywhere else in the globe. For obvious reasons, it’s a serene haven for travelers and tourists the world over. If you are an adrenaline junkie, Alaska is tailor made for you. To explore the intricacies of Alaska, all you need to do is book a place in any of the ocean liners offering Alaska cruises. There are multiple cruise lines which operate in the Atlantic region, providing top notch, world class services.


Cash In On Discounted Disneyland Tickets

by Don under Travel Tips on Sep 16, 2011

The world of Disney has always been captivating and intriguing, not only for kids and infants, but also for adults. That is the reason of the existence of multiple Disneyland in major tourist destinations of the world, including Hong Kong, Paris, California, and Florida etc. That’s the place where your favorite cartoon characters come to life, and where dream becomes reality. For several years now, Disneyland has provided millions across the globe with unadulterated and exclusive entertainment that is found nowhere else. If you are planning a trip to any of the Disneyland venues, it’s also recommended you must procure Disneyland tickets from beforehand, because the attendance of any Disneyland theme park cannot be predicted by any means, and you do not want to waste precious time waiting in queues.

You can get hold of the tickets of Disneyland through online websites. There are several packages and plans which have been initiated by Disney World and Resorts, so as to woo in the audience in larger numbers. For instance, some Disney World tickets can be purchased at a discount, if you are buying from a particular website. Other websites even allow special rebate on entry, accommodation and food for kids and infants. You can even spend extended holidays at your favorite Disney resort without paying for the extra days. In case you want to purchase attraction tickets to the different destinations within the park, you will be awarded a discount of about 10 to 20 percent. So do not wait any longer. Order your tickets today.


It’s Best to Fund Your Live Casino through Neteller or MoneyBookers

by Don under Travel News on Sep 02, 2011

Payment options are a must to consider while gambling from live casinos online. It’s good if you can opt for the Neteller casinos as Neteller is one of the leading names amidst internet e-wallet providers since 1999. Some of the best live casinos that accept Neteller are Lucky Live Casino, Europa Casino, Smart Casino, Fairway Casino etc. Neteller comes with a free sign up feature and much to the gambler’s delight a wide range of withdrawal and deposit methods. You can fund the e-wallet via your debit or credit card and even through your directly linked banking account via almost any of the currencies. Besides, Neteller usually promises of instant fund transfer and is famous for its high end security features with multi-layer of protection for data servers.

MoneyBookers is another trusted payment option online and some of the best live casinos that accept Moneybrookers are Celtic Casino, Dublin Bet, Castle Casino, Super Casino etc. MoneyBookers is one of the safest e-wallets around which has a very easy form of receiving and sending cash as you can simply utilize your e-mail id to receive and send funds from MoneyBookers. Besides, it comes with a lot of deposit and withdrawal options and that too absolutely free of cost. In addition, MoneyBookers, though based in U.K, yet can handle 35 varied world currencies, is accepted by all the major websites and thus is quite a popular name among the live gamblers all over. Lastly, much like Neteller, MoneyBookers also offer for secure and instant fund transfer.


Don’t Get Caught Without Travel Insurance!

by Don under Travel Safety on Aug 26, 2011

The majority of us love to go on holiday and are excited to get caught up in the whirlwind of planning that well-deserved break. Will it be a relaxing beach holiday, or a cultural exploration of historic towns? Shall we stay in a hotel or villa? Maybe even camping! Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure you don’t get caught without travel insurance!

It may not be the most exciting part of planning your holiday, but it very well could be one of the most important. There are many horror stories of holiday makers running up thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of pounds worth of charges due to either not having taken out travel insurance, or not disclosing all of their details. We never want to think of what may go wrong on holiday, but being prepared means that if the unforeseen were to happen you wouldn’t have the additional worries of having to pay out medical bills.

As we get older one problem that can arise is that travel insurance premiums start to increase. This can be especially true when we hit the big 5-0, where it’s not uncommon for premiums to raise by more than 60% overnight! This is where it’s useful to look at travel insurance companies that specialise in providing reasonably-priced travel insurance for the over 50s; one example being Staysure. Their travel insurance can be purchased by people younger than 50, however over 50s can benefit from their affordable prices, such as a week in Europe from £4.99.

It does seem that premiums get more expensive on certain key birthdays; over 50s being one of them and travel insurance over 65 being another! It’s always worthwhile to shop around when it comes to your travel insurance, but it’s good to know that there are companies who endeavour to give us peace of mind at an affordable price!


Tours To Soak In The Spirit Of NYC

by Don under Travel Destinations on Aug 16, 2011

Do you want to explore the amazing New York City? If your answer is in affirmative, here is a bit of advice for you. Visit New York in the winters. New York is at its magical best in the winters and it is the best place to be in, if you want to soak up the Christmas spirit. You can experience the lovely festive spirit by shopping at the best shops in the 5th Avenue and ice-skating in the Rockfeller Center. In fact, New York is such an extraordinary city that you should do a bit of everything, to get the NYC feel. And one of the best ways to get the NYC feel is to undertake one of the popular NYC tours.

Go in for a tour that shows you the entire Big Apple. It is usually a 48 hour tour that will show you the major NYC attractions and sights. The tour comes with umpteen hop on and off from the bus tours, a helicopter ride and a cruise. You can opt for the uptown bus tour that will show you the Fifth Avenue, Museum Mile and Millionaire Rows. You will also like the open top bus tour across Brooklyn which gives you a complementary free pass to the Museum of the City of New York. There are New York City tours for specific attractions and landmarks also. There are many tours to the world famous Statue of Liberty. Located on Liberty Island, it is a must-see. You can also undertake a tour to the Empire State Building.


Opt for a Tailor Made Holiday to Canada

by Don under Travel Destinations on Aug 15, 2011

Canada is one of the spots in the world that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. In lot many ways, it is similar to the United States. Even though it has similarities, Canada is a nation, which has its own share of celebrations and culture. It has a perfect mixture of the American and European culture, which makes it a unique spot for peaceful and relaxing holidays. The Holidays to Canada is gaining a lot of fans from all around the world. There can be some exciting aspects that you can be engaged in during this holiday. One of them is a fishing trip in Lake Christie. This could be a wonderful experience for you be engaged in and enjoy with the whole family.

If you are interested in going to Canada for a holiday, you can search for the various packages and offers that different holiday planners are providing. It is quiet easy to get a good deal in one of those holidays. There is another option of Tailor made holidays for you to make a visit to Canada. Even though it is quiet exciting to have a trip that is unplanned, it is better to have a holiday tailor made if you are planning for a holiday with your family. There are a lot of advantages for this. The flexibility is one of the major aspects of it. You can decide the destinations and choose the places that you want to visit. Another aspects are regarding the decision of number of days spent, the budget and the specific activities to be engaged in.