Coach tours in Britain

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Britain’s diversity and size make it a suitable destination to explore by coach travel and tours. Visitors can choose to take in the full range of sites and attractions, or focus on smaller sections of the beautiful and historic island.


Coach travel is a great was to explore the beauty of Wales. Cardiff and Swansea Bay offer a great mix of shopping, sightseeing and unique attractions. The coffee shops of the Cardiff Bay re-development are a wonderful place to relax, while the city of Cardiff plays host to a range of major international sporting events. Cardiff is a particularly good place for Christmas shopping and getting into the festive mood. Chepstow and the historic Wye Valley are also worth a visit, particularly by those who love horse racing. Trips from London and the South of England can also take in the Forest of Dean and the historic city of Bath.

Trips to North Wales and Snowdonia, which can incorporate the historic city of Chester, focus on beautiful countryside, outdoor activities and small sea-side towns. Hiking, mountain biking, and rafting are just some of the popular activities available within Snowdonia National Park, while the calm waters of the Irish Sea are ideal for swimming and other water sports. Llandudno, set in the shadow of towering Snowdonia, is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in the whole of the UK. More information on sites and attractions in Wales can be found on the Visit Wales website http://www.visitwales.com/

London, Oxford and Cambridge

The southern cities of London, Oxford and Cambridge make a wonderful weekend getaway and bus tour. London’s iconic sites, extensive shopping, cultural events and nightlife make it an ideal destination for individuals of all ages, while the historic Oxbridge cities are wonderful for walking tours and relaxing over afternoon tea. Oxford, the oldest university city in the UK, is situated just 50 miles from London and is dominated by medieval colleges and churches of Gothic architecture, set amid the rolling Oxfordshire countryside. Cambridge, Oxford’s great and long-time rival, is similarly dominated by the historic buildings of its world renowned universities, and boasts a vibrant atmosphere. Among the sites in London not to be missed are Buckingham Palace and the surrounding parks and gardens; Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament; Trafalgar Square and St Paul’s Cathedral. Shoppers should not miss Oxford Street, Westfield Shopping Centre by the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, and the many unique markets across the city.


Coach trips are also a great way to explore thelochs and glens of Scotland. Sample the Glasgow nightlife; walk the historic, winding streets of Edinburgh; search for the legendary Loch Ness Monster; climb Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles; visit the home of golf, and sample the world-class golf courses of St. Andrews; fish, hunt and hike to your heart’s content; and relax in the evenings with haggis and tatties, washed down with some fine Scotch whiskey. More information can be found on the website of the Scottish tourist board, Visit Scotland or go here to find a selection of coach tours.

Britain is a historic, beautiful, and diverse country. Coach tours are a great way to explore this island, and memorable journeys, that don’t cost a fortune, can be had all year round.


Panorama of Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is an island heaven. In the matter of shorelines the island brags of a wide assortment of shorelines, with daylight and differing marine life.

Mirissa Beach is an inexorably well-known region along the southern piece of the island and is a sickle molded shoreline that is so quiet whilst in the meantime offering numerous action alternatives that can keep even the most vivacious families cheerful.

The shoreline houses and restaurants that regularly populate and some of the time shut out the shoreline itself, in Mirissa are arranged far from the shoreline, which gives guests the impression of being in an isolates palm bordered shoreline. On a calm day the main sound that could be heard is the sound of a coconut falling!

With a bow formed shoreline the region is pretty much a cove, and the Right side has turned into a prevalent problem area for surfers from over the globe who populate the shoreline from morning to night searching for the ideal wave. In the event that you start to hear bounce marley music and see individuals wearing fear bolts then you have swerved towards the surfing side of Mirissa shoreline. On the off chance that you are on either end of Mirissa Beach then watch out for solid momentums and tear tides and also ocean urchins.

This island country has various spots to go dolphin viewing however one spot where a traveler can watch dolphins furthermore investigate a lot of other neighborhood attractions is at Mirissa and Dondra point in the southernmost tip of the nation. The best time to go to watch these canny animals of the ocean is around December to January. However even the months of February and March are as energizing with their special sightings.

In the event that one needs to get the activity of dolphins turning out of the water and skipping around the pontoons that takes one to the ocean, the best time to go out into the ocean is early morning. Detecting these lovable animals would be an impeccable approach to begin a day in this tropical island.

A thing to remember when one goes dolphin viewing is to not bolster these creatures as they are wild creatures and don’t verge on the watercraft for nourishment. Don’t attempt to go excessively near where the schools of dolphins are and dependably hold fast to the security rules that have been educated to you.

For the individuals who need to go dolphin and whale viewing there are various shoreline lodgings in Sri Lanka. One excellent Hikkaduwa lodging is the ChaayaTranzHikkaduwa, which was as of late revamped to give unmatched extravagance to the voyagers who visit the territory to investigate the corals, incredible shoreline vibe and obviously the dolphins and the whales at this incredibly famous spot

Whilst the two finishes of the shoreline characteristic rough bottoms and smashing waves, the center zone is generally level. The shoreline slants delicately to the sea and the non-sharp drops or shrouded racks permit you to exit very nearly 20 meters into the ocean before the water achieves waist level.

The shoreline additionally pulls in a huge swarm amid the dawn and particularly dusk. Whilst the dawn might be seen from one end of the shoreline, the dusk could be seen over the palm trees and inaccessible slopes. The magnificence amid this period is stunning and can abandon you confused.

You can simply get your SriLanka Visa by purchasing them at the border offices or simply apply for the visas online. For you to get the visa you must have a valid passport.


A Journey To Bursa, Turkey

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Bursa was a famous and important location of Roman and was the first city of Ottoman Kingdom and it’s the capital. Bursa has a lot of Ottoman edifices and it provided as soft silk fabric city middle in Ottoman interval. It is also the city Bursa that delivered well known Turkish kebab known as Alexander. The trip contains Ulu Mosque, Natural Mosque and Grave, Koza Han, Muradiye Grave and Complicated and so on.

Beautiful city

Bursa is one of the amazing city also known as Natural Bursa. Local Turkish individuals trips that city even during wintertime season for pent interval of time in ski hotels and going up the top of mountain to Uludag ( mom mountain ) Bursa is so wealthy city with record as being first investment of Ottoman Kingdom. We ‘ll fulfill at the position entrance hall in the morning time and take a ferry-boat to Yalova, then generate to Bursa to check out Huge (Ulu) Mosque the Natural (Yesil) Mosque, Natural Mausoleum ,After the lunchtime check out the Secured Bazaar and the Old Silk Industry .Return to Istanbul.

Visit the Best of Culture and tradition

If you are looking for going to well-known ancient heritage sites, then Bursa is the position to be in Poultry. It is one of the most eye-catching places of Poultry and is also known as the Natural Bursa. It is a well-known city frequented by the regional Turkish individuals during the winter season season and the places really like to invest their vacations in well-known ski hotels. Another essential fascination that pushes a lot of individuals to Bursa is the going up to the top of the mountain to achieve Uludag a very well-known sacred mountain. A trip to Bursa is one of the most interesting and fun loaded trip and the best aspect of the trip to Bursa would be the fun vessel boat drive that you take to Yalova.

Traditional village of Cumalikizik

The conventional city of Cumalikizik is one of the most well-known and pleasant attractions that you will get to see under the hills of the Uludag Mountains. You will really be excited simply to move around the old city middle that was well-known during the Ottoman era and will also capture glimpses of the wood made Ottoman homes. Climbing to Uludag is yet another encounter that you will never ignore for years and you can also take a wire car trip to the famous Install Olympus. Uludug is the best position to check out for climbing during summertime and snowboarding during winter seasons. Some of the other essential shoelaces that you will check out on your day trip to Bursa are: Natural Mosque, City Center, Secured Bazaar and the old soft silk market.

Historic Green Mosque

Yesil Cami is a position that is based on the popular and ancient Natural Mosque and it homes the mosque, imperial tomb, Emir Sultan mosque as well as Turkish and Islamic Artistry art gallery in a traditional medrese. The City middle is the professional and most vibrant position of the contemporary city of Bursa and you will get to see the Secured market, Ulu Cami or the Excellent Mosque as ell as Silk Cocoon Caravanserai.

A Day Visit to Bursa Tour includes

Enjoy a trip outside of Istanbul and into saving money hills and landscapes of Bursa, the first investment of the Ottomans. Close by there is a amazing opportunity to dip up the old globe atmosphere in the eye-catching city of Cumalikizik.
What you visit

Pick up from your resort. Set off on generate to Bursa outside of Istanbul. During the trip we quit off at one of Turkey’s protected heritage sites under the hills of Uludag Mountain the conventional city of Cumalikizik, with pleasant landscapes establishing.

Apply for turkish travel visa today and visit beautiful places of Bursa. Here you will appreciate a move around the amazing old city middle and see the wood made Ottoman homes of the welcoming residents. Following a lunchtime hour, we proceed on to Bursa itself, the first investment of the Ottomans. While discovering this little city you will see the Natural Mosque & Grave, the Huge Mosque, popular for its amazing Seljuk walls calligraphy, the Silk Industry and the Secured Bazaar.


Adventurous Tour to Ecuador

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Taking a holiday to some of the exotic destinations around the world gives you a break from your regular lifestyle. You can relax and spend some quality time with your friends and family without any stress or tension. This is the reason many people choose for some far away and peaceful tourist destination which will let you have a wonderful vacation and at the same time rejuvenate your mind and body. One such fabulous destination to visit is Ecuador. You can enjoy scuba diving, trekking, rafting and mountain biking that you will cherish all your life. One of the main attractions is the Galapagos Islands known for being home to some of the rarest species of animals. A tour to Ecuador will give you and your family the best experience that you will cherish all your life. Known for its natural diversity, it has become one of the hottest tourist destinations that people do not want to miss.

Exclusive Tour Packages to Ecuador

Taking into account the increasing number of travelers opting for Ecuador, Bunnik Tours has come up with some exciting tour packages to Ecuador. We have come up with some hot offers and various tour packages so that you can have the best holiday of your life at Ecuador. Our tours have been designed to meet your varied needs and also your budget constraints so that you do not have to give up on your plan to visit this scenic destination. From amazing rainforests, to trekking in the Andes, Ecuador has the right mix of everything that you would like to enjoy when you are on a holiday. At Bunnik Tours, we will ensure that you have a fantastic vacation. We plan our itinerary in such a way so that you have enougha time to explore Ecuador and do not miss out on anything because of time constraint. While our hot offers let you explore Ecuador and the other destinations in South America it will also let you save some dollars which you always want when planning out for a holiday. Apart from this, we have also come up with small group tour, solo traveler tour, escorted tour, independent tours so that you can select a tour package of your choice that will meet your criteria and budget.

Award Winning Service

Bunnik Tours is renowned for providing the best customers services to travelers from around the world. We have designed our holiday packages in such a way that it covers the need of each and every visitor. Our aim is to provide you with a better way of touring which is the reason we have come up with some of the best holiday packages that you will thoroughly enjoy. We are known for organizing some of the best tour schedules which is the reason we are well-known in Australia for providing the best customer service. This is the reason we have been awarded the prestigious BRW Private Awards in 2012 as for us our customers have the utmost importance.


Keeping Kids Content on Cooped-Up Cab Rides

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There will always be those for whom the idea of travelling with kids really is about as wonderfully idyllic as it gets. Back on planet Earth however, the vast majority realise that what seems to be a simple logistical process often turns out to be the nightmare to end all nightmares. Kids and travelling can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies – it all comes down to a fair few combining elements. Of course, kids tend to love planes and aren’t usually averse to trains, but stick them on a coach or in the back of a cab for more than 20 minutes and you know you’re walking on thin ice.

But here’s the thing – there’s still no instant quick-fix cure to make all kids Heavenly to travel with, but all parents of all kids have the power to make a pretty big difference. It may not be foolproof and results will indeed vary, but there are so many ways and means by which you can ensure your wee bundles of joy don’t turn your journey into a nightmare before it’s even half-way through.

Here’s a brief look at some top tips offered by cab and coach driving veterans on the rather delicate subject of keeping kids under control on longer journeys:

The Right Fuel

Right off the bat, it’s funny how many time parents scream and shout about their kids’ behaviour on a journey, only to then reveal they filled them full of sweets and sugary drinks prior to setting off. Admittedly, it can be very tempting to give the kids what they like best in order to buy a little silence, but you have to remember that more sugar means more energy which makes for a more explosive situations en-route. As such, one of the best tips of all to remember is that of putting the right fuel into the kids long before setting off, which means keeping sugar out of the equation and ideally anything else that tends to send them a little hyper.
This also counts for the journey itself too as anything that’s rich, heavy, fizzy or overly sweet is a recipe for upset stomachs and generally uncooperative kids!

The Right Driver

Something else to bear in mind is the way in which the driver…or more specifically the company you travel with…can make or break the journey in a big way. Opt for a reputable taxi company with a solid track record (e.g. Camberley Taxi) and you’ll have yourself a clean, quiet and comfortable car that’s driven sensibly and makes as many stops as need-be for the convenience of the passengers. By contrast, book a less reputable option and you could end up with a dangerous rust—bucket that’s an outright hygiene hazard, piloted by a driver who thinks he’s on a Grand Prix circuit. Needless to say, noprizes for guessing which of the two makes for happier kids in the back.

The Right Distractions

You of course need bring a few of their favourite things along to keep them distracted, but choose wisely. You are after all trying to buy their silence to a certain extent, which means that while you may not agree with them sitting and staring at screens for hours on end, movies and TV shows are just brilliant – even on a small smartphone screen. By contrast, try and get them to read anything while the car’s moving and you stand a pretty good chance of seeing them redecorate the cab with their breakfast – reading and travelling in cars do not go well together for most!

The Right Surprises

Along with the staple bits of entertainment you bring along, also pack something of a tiny surprise you can pull out just in time when it seems like a tantrum is inevitable. Usually the fact that it’s new and unexpected is enough to have them completely forget about what was making them grumpy in the first place. And if they behave so well all the way that you don’t have to give it to them, make it a reward for being so delightful!

The Right Attitude

Last but not least, perhaps the most important tip of all when travelling anywhere with kids is to make sure you’ve got the right attitude. If you’re 100% convinced things will be disastrous, chances are you’ll make them so. If you will only accept a 100% uneventful journey with angelic kids, you’ll be disappointed. As such, the best thing to do is expect the unexpected, plan for all eventualities and consider any tantrum-free arrival a successful arrival!


Plan your Travel Easily With Online Help

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While planning for vacations, many of us cannot think beyond usual two-bed with mini bar hotel room. Lately holiday home rentals are gaining popularity and are more economical. Because of the prevailing economic condition, travelers want to save money and staying at holiday rental is the easiest way to do so and enjoys wonderful experience.

Holiday home rentals are suitable for groups and those with small children, requiring extra space, which would not be available in hotels. It is also ideal romantic getaway for couples offering more privacy. Most holiday home rentals charge much less than hotels in that area, resulting in substantial saving. To get this offer makemytrip coupons for hotels via website savemypocket.in.

Having decided on home rentals in condo, villa or a huge home you will have the advantage of amenities that might not be available in hotel. Holiday rentals will have the option of many bed-rooms, full kitchen, backyard and free parking. Since all these will cost you a lot in hotel, you would save huge amount.

These are suitable for families as everyone can be under one roof and save hundreds of dollars per night. With such large savings, families can travel to places where they could not go earlier and stay for longer period. These are also suited for solo travelers as apartment could be hired for you. You will have privacy, fully equipped kitchen and amenities of home.

You should have detailed rental agreement with owner mentioning requests made by you and agreed upon. Preferably pay by credit card. You should compare rentals and also with hotels to get the best deal.

Visiting foreign location after a frantic schedule can be most rewarding in life. But unless you have properly planned the trip and made adequate preparations, the vacation could be troublesome. You can get great help online for planning your travel and having a memorable vacation.

You must be familiar with the following things to make your trip enjoyable –

• Obtain relevant information about the destination and be familiar with beautiful places and tourist spots you would like to visit. It would be advisable to know if there is substantial difference in living cost and tourist prices at the place you would be visiting. Find out cost of souvenirs, food and items that you might like to buy. Obtain detailed information about the place where you would be staying.

• Ensure that you are in possession of relevant travel documents. Keep photocopy of visa and essential travel documents. Copies of these could be given to your family so that they remain familiar with your schedule. Share your itinerary with them so that in case of untoward incident they could be intimated.

• Carry essential medicines for headache, flue, stomach ache etc and off lotion that would be useful while visiting tropical destination. Off lotion will be useful against mosquitoes and flies.

• Carry out research about weather or climate at destination so that suitable clothes could be carried by you. Carry clothes that are comfortable and also take pair of swimming suits or trunks. If the above points are followed, you would be able to enjoy your trip and make it memorable.


Cheapoair Coupons Save You Big On Hotels!

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Choosing a hotel can be hard. This is why there are many agencies out there that are going to want to help you out. However, you can do this on your own. With cheapoair coupons, you have the chance to get your savings without needing to stress about everything. Getting in the best hotel is easy when you decide to look on Cheapoair. You have all the hotels in the area readily available for you to choose from.

You are going to be able to have a choice between the star rating based on price, comfort and expectations. Some like to relax in a Jacuzzi while others like a nice sauna. Whatever your pleasure is, you have to make sure that you are going to pick the right one. Some things that you are going to want to take into account are:

1. No Bugs – Everyone has a no bugs rule. Look up the hotel and make sure that they got a good rating on their inspections and read the customer reviews. This is going to allow you to see if you are going to have a good time or if you are going to have to sleep with spiders.

2. Crime Rate – Look at the location of the hotel. You will see that the crime rate is something that you can live with. Cheapoair coupons are not going to protect you from someone robbing you. This is why it is always a good rule to check on the crime rate to be able to prepare yourself.

3. Amenities – Do they have a spa? Do they have a pool? These are some things that you are going to want to check. Always read the fine print because your cheapoair coupons are not going to cover you opening the mini bar in your hotel room. It is a slippery slope if you are going to dive into things you are not supposed to be.

When you have picked your hotel with your cheapoair coupons, you are going to be able to work on what you are going to pack. It is hard to decide what you are going to bring with you when you are traveling. It seems that you have nothing to wear and everything you do have doesn’t fit you anymore. This is the joy of traveling.

You are going to have fun if you have prepared yourself. Cheapoair coupons are great for people who like to travel and you are going to be able to save a lot of money. However, you have to make sure that you are going to things right and not try to put more stress on yourself in trying to get more of a discount.

Stay at your favorite hotel without needing to worry about creepy crawlies everywhere and you don’t have to worry about where you are going to rest your head. With cheapoair coupons, you are going to be able to spend a little bit more on your vacation rather on a place you are going to lay your head down.


4 Vital Tips for Enjoying Australia on a Budget

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Australia’s well-maintained roads, high standard of healthcare, stable political system, and low crime rate make it relatively safe and easy nation to explore. Though, you need to be aware of some environmental hazards, like extreme desert heat, rough surf, and bushfires. You need to be prepared for hikes or long bushwalks, and outback journey, and take enough precautions to stay safe from poisonous animals like crocodiles, and sharks. With the following tips, you can have safe journey to Australia on a budget.

Know When to Visit the Country

Australian travelers are well aware of the great attractions- surfing at Bondi beach, climbing Harbor Bridge, scuba diving, Cold coast visit and exploring Great Ocean road. Seasons play a major key in determining when and where to go.

The country is vast, with cities from chilly, cold southern shores to central deserts and northern tropics. Most people plan their visit in summer season (Dec-Feb), when southeastern hubs of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney are warm and sunny. Long balmy evening drives, outside cafeteria table overflow, party nights, swarm beaches, and many more locations are there to visit both on and off season. The shoulder-seasons- Mar/April or Oct/Nov is a better bet. Winter is the best time to explore central deserts and grey south areas, when the humidity and temperatures are bearable. But, if you don’t want to tax your pockets, try to avoid the peak season, and enjoy the offseason discounts.

Enjoying Australia on a Budget

Where to Go?

If you’re a person, wholoves bookshops, live music, galleries, pubs, and good coffee, look no further than Melbourne. Sydney has world-class hotels and restaurants, cool bars, hot clubs, hip shops, and great surf beaches.Bushwalkers and nature buffs should visit Kakadu Nation Park in the Northern land, comprising of ancient Aboriginal rock art, wonderful crocodile terrain as well as raucous birdlife. Depending on the month you visit, if the climate is cooperative, you can also explore Kuringai National Park, Centennial Park, and Hyde Park. The main attraction of Australian lifestyle (surf, sand, and sun) is sure to take you to Bondi beach; however, be careful while parking your vehicle (as there are many offenders) or it’s better to travel in bus.

Getting Around

Unlike Europe or the USA, Australia does not have many big inland cities; so driving can involve huge distance from one spot to another. The domestic airlines are reliable and affordable and hence it’s better to fly. If you do not mind travelling or aren’t in a hurry, then take a road trip, exploring surf towns, beaches, and other places around Great Ocean Road.

Beach Lifestyle

Buy travel insurance, before you plan where to visit; shop around and look for the best tourist operator. When considering travel insurance, you should look for those operators, like www.uniktour.com/fr/voyage-australie who assure you reasonable rated coverage.

Stay Safe

The wildlife in Australia is something that you need to be aware of; in order to make your trip enjoyable and memorable, you can consider these safety tips. The constant sunshine is very strong; apply sunscreen lotion, wear sunglasses and hat, even during cloudy climates. Make sure to drink enough water to prevent dehydration.

Consider the above tips to enjoy your trip to the fullest, without breaking the bank!

Author Bio – This post has been contributed by Richard Pitt, who is a writer with several years of experience in the travel industry.


Top Extraordinary Places You Should Stay in Australia

by Don under Travel Destinations on Mar 20, 2014

If you are looking for an amazing trip to Australia, you can find great and extraordinary places to stay that can give you a more unique accommodation experience. These top extraordinary places may come in different prices and forms with varied heights of excitement that can give the adventure travellers in Australia the extra thrills and unique vacation experience.

Coober Pedy’s Underground Bed and Breakfast

Any traveller will be willing to pay a $130 a night accommodation just to have an extraordinary experience of staying beneath the earth on this underground accommodation from Coober Pedy. This amazing underground hotel is definitely one that every traveller should not miss to see when travelling in Australia. The site is able to gain 200 five star reviews and it is indeed a unique place to stay. Enjoy the unique dugout accommodation experience just 1.5 Km from the town center with the opportunity of visiting some great attractions like the Breakaway Reserve consisting of colourful low hills and the Old Timer’s Mine which garnered several tourism and cultural heritage awards.

Southern Ocean Lodge

Kangaroo Island’s first luxury lodge is the Southern Ocean Lodge which is marked with its magnificent view and luxurious accommodation. You can arrange your accommodation in this prestigious hotel with a royalty accommodation to offer to its guests. The Southern Ocean Lodge is an extraordinary place to stay in Australia because it allows you to experience staying on a hotel floating a secluded cliff with breathtaking views of the coast. You will be overwhelmed with the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean and view the wilderness of the Kangaroo Island.

Thorngrove Manor

This small manor in Adelaide Hills is one of the most visited places in Australia by travellers who want to have a taste of a royal accommodation in a majestic place as the Thorngrove Manor. The decor and the facade of the hotel are impressive that fit for a royalty accommodation. The architectural structure of the manor is in combination of natural, royal and futuristic. With its beautiful decor and room arrangements, you will feel at home in this peaceful place that is also regarded by its visitors as one with a romantic touch of beauty.

Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

This is more than just a lodge once you set afoot the entrance of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park. The lodge is in the middle of stunning towering forests with breathtaking scenery of the mountains with a spectacular view of the glacial lakes. Among the activities that you can enjoy doing in the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge include 20 crisscrossed walking trails, trekking and mountain biking. You can also further enjoy the glacier lake view by fly fishing and canoeing. Guests will have an extraordinary vacation experience with unique serenity and tranquil natural views for a perfect relaxing experience while in Australia.

You can get the chance to visit these extraordinary places with the assistance from http://www.uniktour.com/fr/ voyage australie to help you in all your travel arrangements in any special places in Australia.


Some Finest Apps for Finding a Minicab

by Don under Travel Guide on Mar 17, 2014

London is one of the most fascinating cities in the United Kingdom. This city is a perfect blend of old and new attractions. The various historical landmarks, eye-catching modern architecture, museums, galleries, heritage sites, etc. attracts tourists and business travellers every day to this beautiful city.

This city provides a variety of transportation choices. However, most of the travellers especially business travellers rely on the most efficient options to ensure they arrive at their destination on time. So, when it comes to reliable transportation, the minicabs are definitely the best option to trust.

Furthermore, the facilities of online minicab booking options available through websites and smart phone apps has taken most of the stress out of travelling. Some of the most reliable apps for finding a minicab are:

Addison Lee:

Addison lee a free iPhone App that allows its account, cash and credit card customers to get a minicab on-the-go in under a minute. Addison Lee provides one of the biggest car fleet in Europe and plan around 45000 journeys a week across London. At present over 20,000 people make use of the App each and every week to book their trips. The various features of this app include:

  • Any iPhone bookings receive the same SMS and email confirmations as a normal booking.
  • The services provided by this app are on average 30% cheaper than black taxis on account
  • This App can store your favourite addresses automatically for faster bookings.
  • You are not required to type in pick-up address. The GPS system can find your current location
  • Provides airport bookings
  • It also provides pre-booked and “ASAP” services with average response times of just 10 minutes.


This wonderful Android and iPhone App assists you in comparing London’s best minicab companies and provides you the cheapest quote for the car you need. This 24/7 available service can easily locate and aggregate minicab fleets around you to provide you the best quotes and booking info. The various features of this app include:

  • Provides pick up and drop facility and even add a point to pick up your friend.
  • The services provided by this app are prices up to 70% of black cabs.
  • It provides quotes from around 65 minicab companies based on cheapest, closest, user rating or reliability.
  • It offers various payment options such as cash, card or pre-paid account.
  • One can choose various options including standard, estate or MPV cars, child seats and even Green or Premium

Cab My Taxi

This App provides options for comparing and booking local minicabs in Manchester. There are a number of private hire and licensed drivers signed up to this outstanding app. The various features of this app include:

  • When anyone requests to book a minicab, the request is transferred to three local companies.
  • Within a few minutes the customer gets a text with up to three genuine offers containing the name of the company, fare and estimated time of arrival.
  • When you choose any of the preferred offers, you’ll get a reply text with confirmed time of arrival, confirmed pickup location and taxi company name along with number.


This App is also one of the easiest and fastest ways to book a minicab. It brings together quality taxis into one network to provide a faster service. The various features of this app include:

  • This App offers instant minicab quote in London for your journey
  • It connects you with quality taxi companies in your area
  • Any time get a new quote by just entering or selecting your pickup and destination points and when you want a minicab
  • After making your bookings you can pay using your credit cards on a secured server and get confirmation within few minutes.
  • This service is available 24/7 so whenever you need a taxi, just use this app and enjoy a fastest booking.

So, these are some excellent Apps using which you can enjoy a quality and fastest minicab booking for your journey.

Author Bio:

Bency is a passionate blogger who likes travelling and is a frequent traveller. He writes articles on various topics such as best destination, travel, transport, etc. As of now he is suggesting some of the best apps for minicab quote in London and getting quality bookings.