How To Choose Car Covers

by Don under Travel News on Jul 28, 2015

Are you looking to buy car covers of late? Your car cover is a significant investment since it’s meant to protect one of your most treasured assets and hence must be chosen with care. Here are some tips that will help in finding a reliable cover for your steam.

To start with, you must settle with a reputed car cover company as healthy industry reputation signifies quality service. The chosen company should be ready to offer you customized car covers as per the exact year, make and model of your vehicle. The custom covers assure a comfortable fit and hence are a superior safeguard. Then, the selected company must promise premium covers made from finest quality components, fabrics & equipment.

Don’t forget to go through the range of protection offered by the company. The best ones always assure great protection from scorching sun rays, torrential rain, tree sap as well as bird droppings. Then, make sure the cover you choose is able to provide easy breathability as otherwise trapped moisture might lead to mold & mildew formation on your car. If your car is meant for frequent or regular use, choose a light-weight cover. But you should go for a thick cover if the car is used occasionally.

Finally, the chosen company must assure a considerable warranty on the car cover.

You can take to customcarcovers.com as it’s regarded as the “oldest protective firm” in North America and is known for finest quality covers that are available with warranty and free shipping.


How To Take Care Of Your RV Covers

by Don under Travel News on Jul 01, 2015

The RV cover is like the protective shield for your treasured RV and hence must be preserved with appropriate care. The good thing is that rv covers do not call for an elaborate care- a simple basic maintenance routine would be quite adequate here. The post below offers tips on how to look after your RV cover.

First of all, you must not ever let snow or water stand on your cover. Always make sure to tie it down securely. There are some sharp or heavy RV parts like awning mounts, mirrors etc,- which might tear or snag your RV cover. Thus, you should pad these areas up before covering the vehicle. After you pull out the cover, you should store it a proper storage bag.

When it comes to cleaning your RV, you have to do it manually and you should not dump it inside the washing machine & dryer. Here are the cleaning instructions:

• Make a solution with warm water and mild soap in your bucket.

• Pull out the cover & lay it on ground. Now, rinse up the cover using hose.

• Pour the cleaning solution over your cover and scrub gently on it with a soft brush.

• Now, rinse it up thoroughly with your hose.

• Let it dry naturally.

• Then, fold it carefully and store in your storage bag.

You should not ever dry clean your RV cover and must not iron it as well.


Hostels vs. Hotels – Which is Best for You?

by Don under Travel Destinations on Apr 02, 2015

Hostels are similar to hotels in that they provide a place for visitors to rest, but they are much different in style. Rather than renting a private room by the night or week, you will rent a bed in a dormitory-style space shared with others. This arrangement forces you to give up some privacy in order to save money, but it often works out well for large groups. You can all stay in a large room together while paying much less than you would pay to rent multiple hotel rooms.

Time Well Spent, Money Saved

Think about how much time you typically spend in your hotel room when you travel. You probably spend most of your time taking tours, visiting restaurants, meeting up with friends and enjoying other activities beyond the hotel room. Since you spend little time in your room, it makes sense to pay as little as possible for that space. A hostel is often the cheapest option and makes the most sense when you just need a warm place to rest up for a busy day of work or fun.

Consider Your Safety

There are many websites connecting travelers with people willing to open their private homes for a night or two, but there is a major safety concern with those arrangements. If you’re traveling on a tight budget, hostels are always a safer alternative. You may still end up sleeping in a room with people you don’t know, but at least you are in a neutral environment similar to a hotel rather than in those stranger’s homes.

You will find many young adults using hostels because they want to see the world but don’t always have a lot of money. That doesn’t mean all hostels are safe environments for young adults, women or children. If you’re concerned about safety, you may want to look for a bargain-priced hotel room instead. For instance, it’s usually easy to find cheap hotels in Boston which provide secure lobbies and private rooms with locks.

Location Matters

While many hotels are located in areas convenient to tourist attractions, convention centers and large business districts, hostel locations are more limited. Take into consideration how far you will need to travel in order to reach your destination from any given hostel. If you will end up spending more on cab fare than you would pay for a cheap hotel located closer to your destination, you end up saving nothing.


Planning Hunting Trip- Get Right Hunting Supplies

by Don under Travel News on Mar 17, 2015

There was a time when the hunting spree was only referred to kings and commanders, but time has changed and now we can see various people coming from different walks of life, nurturing the hobby of shooting and hunting. In our modern society, hunting has become one of the most favorite sports and people are thoroughly enjoying it with their favorite ranges.

However, before going out for hunting, you have to remember the fact that hunting is not a child’s play and you have keep many aspects in mind if you are really serious about it. If you are a new hunter, then going out with a team of experienced shooters would offer you much better experience than going for it alone. Before going out for hunting, take sufficient hunting supplies, which are very essential for your hunting trip.

Choose hunting supplies according to your plan

It is not that hunting always refers just shooting targets, there are many kinds of hunting and some of them are really challenging. You might be well aware with the term of Skeet shooting, as it is an old method and also popularly known as target hunting. However, when you are getting prepared for your hunting spree you have to make sure that you got proper hunting supplies based on your hunting type.

Get ready with your hunting outfits

Before ordering a hunting outfit to go out in range, make sure that your hunting dress is quite comfortableand it can offer you safety. Camouflaging is one of the most indispensible things in this trend, as you have to prefer pants, jacket and field clothes that are think suitable for the condition.

For instance, if you prefer some upland or mountain areas for your shooting, then you have to take some warm clothes or mountain jackets that can keep you safe from freezing temperature.

Along with trousers and jackets, you need to look at your shoe, as if you are going to shoot in some wetlands and muddy areas, then wear proper hunting shoe that can keep your feet safe from moisture.

Take your hunting license if you have some big plans

The next most important thing for going out in hunting is your hunting license that can play a big role if you have plan to shoot some big animals in the range. If you are an US citizen then you must go out with your hunting license otherwise, you may have to face some legal action for shooting some enlisted animals in the wildlife.

Moreover, if you are serious about your hunting spree then you have to avail your hunting license from the concerned body. You would definitely not want to face any trouble whilebeing on a hunting trip. Thus, going out with a legal hunting license can offer you good piece of mind.

Get suggestions from local community

If you are inexperienced in hunting, then you can pay visit to the local community from where you can gather valuable information about hunting. There is a common requirement that can be seen in almost every US state; children who are below 14-year of age and have applied for hunting license must be supervised by an adult.

Moreover, before applying for a license, the shooter must have registration certificates for all his/her firearms. To learn more about hunting trips and shooting related information, you can visit shooting.org, where you can read many articles about shooting and hunting.

Bio- Joan Watson is a trainer and an experienced hunting guide working for an agency. Along with this, he writes blogs for shooting.org that informs and encourages people about safe shooting and hunting.


Touring Central Park by Bike

by Don under Travel Destinations on Mar 17, 2015

Touring Central Park by bike is one of the best ways to fully enjoy this Manhattan landmark. A bike offers just enough speed to get around the 843 acres efficiently without moving too fast to actually experience the park and all it has to offer. If you decided to tour the park on bike though, you’ve still got a few decisions to make.

Striking Out or Hiring a Guide

There are actually three options here. The first is simply renting a bike and setting out on your own. Rentals are quite reasonably priced and include bike locks so you can set off on foot if something strikes your interest and you wish to explore more. The advantage with this option is autonomy. You can explore at your own pace and go where you wish when you wish.

The second option is signing up for a tour. While this might cut down on your freedom to explore as you wish, it cannot be overstated how vast the park actually is. An experienced guide can take you to the places you will likely wish to see, keep you from getting lost and help you round out your tour. Additionally, an experienced guide can tell you the background and history of the places you visit, enriching the experience greatly.

The third option is arranging a private tour. This is a bit of the best of both worlds. You can customize your tour and, at the same time, have an experienced guide along to help you find what you are looking for and fill you in on the rich history of the park. The only drawback with this option is it can cost a bit more than preset tours.

Choosing a bike

Bike rentals in Central park are readily able to meet a variety of needs and preferences for customers. The style of bike you wish will largely depend on your individual preferences and needs. Available options include:

• Standard bicycle rental – This is your basic, one seat bicycle. Rental places will have well maintained, individual bikes available for men, women and children. Locks should be available for each bike so you can safely stop and explore on foot when you wish or take in lunch or refreshments during the day.

• Tandem bicycle rental – A classic choice for couples, tandem bicycles actually afford a challenge in team building as well, requiring cooperation between lead rider and stoker. This is definitely a way to closely share the experience of the park with someone.

• Bicycle + babyseat – This is a standard bicycle with the classic babyseat affixed over the rear fender.

• Bike + double trailer – A more modern spin on the babyseat, the double trailer is a two wheeled, usually canopied small trailer that hitches to the rear axle of a standard bicycle. Low to the ground, it offers excellent stability for children and seats two.

• Tag-a-long – The tag-a-long is recommended for children age 4 to 9 who are still learning to ride. It consists of a small bicycle minus the front wheel. Instead, the front of the bike mounts to the back of a standard sized bicycle. This allows a youngster to pedal along and participate without having to worry about steering or keeping the bike under control – a perfect intermediate step that offers some autonomy and participation for a growing child.

Regardless of the option you choose, make sure all safety gear, such as helmets, are worn and you have a thorough understanding of how to work any child harnesses with your chosen equipment.

Ready for a Day in the Park

Once you’ve decided on going alone or with a guide and selected your bike, it’s time for a day in the park. There are a few last things to consider though.

• Respect your limitations – You can discuss at your bicycle rental outlet the bike paths available. Set realistic goals. Don’t ride too far if you’re not used to biking. Also, take into account the terrain. Learn which paths will be relatively level and which will have significant hills that might challenge you.

• Consider the weather – If it is cold out, make sure you are sufficiently clothed for the weather. Likewise, if you’re braving the summer heat, remember to break frequently, hydrate and get in the shade often.

• Know your equipment – Make sure you understand how to put on any safety equipment issued. This is especially true of those bringing children along as you will have to understand their safety gear as well to insure a pleasant, risk free experience in the park.
With this information in hand, begin planning that trip today. Central Park brings in approximately 40 million visitors per year from all over the world to enjoy all it has to offer. Come see the unique blend of history, architecture and natural beauty that is Central Park.


Top Travel Mistakes Foreign Tourists Make

by Don under Travel Tips on Feb 26, 2015

Travel is fun, when you plan things properly. If you have visited many countries, then surely you have made many mistakes such as booking resorts at wrong places or buying costly souvenirs which are easily available in your country. We all make silly mistakes when we visit a new country and there is no need to feel ashamed. What you need to do is make sure that you don’t repeat those mistakes.

When it comes to mistakes, I am not talking about flight or hotel ticket booking blunders. There are many more small oversights that can ruin your vacation. Let’s explore some of the common mistakes that tourists make every year.

No research about the place: You may know the name of the country, its capital and its currency exchange rate, but do you really know the place you are visiting? For example, in India, there are many prepaid taxi booths that charge right amount for a trip, but if you just pick any cab from the road, the driver may charge you double because you don’t know the route to your destination. Similarly, it is important to know the things you can and can’t do in the place you are visiting. For example, taking pictures is prohibited in many religious places.

Over-packing: Never carry too many clothes, because you are going to carry your bags, and if those are too heavy, you will curse yourself. Besides, the airlines charge hefty amount if your luggage crosses the weight limit. Always pack only those things that are necessary for the place you are visiting. For example, if you are going to Tadoba tiger reserve forest and staying at Tadoba tiger resort, then you don’t need to pack a cocktail party dress. It is better to pack a few jeans and t-shirts.

Speaking English only: Try to learn a few sentences in the local language. For example, words of greetings, how to ask for road directions and how to ask the price of something. The more you communicate with the locals in their own language, the more confident you will feel.

Disrespecting the customs: India is a conservative county, and the culture of Indians is very different from Americans. However, that does not mean you can mock or disrespect their culture. For example, Americans enter churches wearing shoes, but in India, you can’t wear shoes in a temple. Respect the rule while visiting any temple in India. After all, you are visiting a new country to understand its culture.

Reading guidebooks only: Guidebooks are for references and they can’t give you all the information about the place. For example, a guidebook may tell you that Taj Mahal is wonderful, but unless you raise your face from the book, can you truly appreciate its beauty?
Booking hotels and flights separately: Take a look at the famous travel portals and you will find that they are offering great hotel + airplane deals. When you book return tickets and also hotel rooms, you can save a few hundred dollars. Besides, it is a hassle free process as you are getting everything from one site.

Interrupting the guide: You can be the history professor in a college, but if you interrupt the guide when he is talking about a historical place, then you are being rude. All the other tourists have paid for the guided tour and by interrupting the guide frequently you are making everyone angry.

So, when you visit a foreign country this year, make sure that you don’t make the mistakes mentioned above. Enjoy nature, history and culture of the place you are visiting and you will feel rejuvenated by the end of your vacation.


How to Find Great Sponsorship Partners for Your Musical Event

by Don under Travel Tips on Feb 23, 2015

Concerts and music events can be quite capital intensive. Due to the nature of the business, you will find that you will need a lot of cash upfront in order to create movement and prepare everything to everyone’s satisfaction in order to have a successful event.
Below are some ideas on how to identify the best sponsors for your event and attract them to sponsor your event.

1. Find sponsors that make sense for your event

The best partners for you will most likely benefit from a mutually beneficial relationship between you, your potential market (the crowd that you will attract for your event), and the sponsor.

Brainstorm on who the best-suited sponsorship partners could be. For example, you would imagine that a fast food vendor would be interested in selling food at such an event, just as the concert revelers will need to eat as they enjoy the music. It just makes sense right?

Once you have a list contact all your potential sponsors and ask them if they would be interested in sponsoring your event. Gauge their enthusiasm and create a list with those likely to sponsor you first and the ones that you need to convince next.

If a similar event to yours has taken place before, it can be a good idea to look for a sponsor who is in the same line of business as those who sponsored the previous event. That way you will need less convincing about their interest in sponsoring your event.

2. Put your ideas together into a cohesive document

Commonly called a sponsorship packet this document should include:

• An executive summary in about 300 words or less giving a sense of what the event is why it is in their interest to sponsor the event and what the funds will generally be used for. The executive summary should make the potential sponsor feel that you are giving a great opportunity.

• The sponsorship packet should also detail your budget and offer certain reward for different levels of funding contributed.

• Make your business case for holding the event including how and why it will be successful and make it urgent for the sponsors to show their interest.

3. Send the invitations to the potential sponsors

Remember that you want to send these invitations to sponsors who you actually want to partner with and will want to partner with you.
It is better to send a few focused invitations and to make the sponsorship exclusive to a few key potential partners.

You should also remember that the invitations to the sponsors should be as personal as possible and show an interest in who they are and what they do.

You should also make it as easy as possible for the potential sponsors to contact you in case they need more information or want to have a face to face before they can send you money.

With these ideas in mind, you should have the makings of a good strategy to be able to get the sponsorship you will need to host a great event.

About the author
Sue Menza is an experienced event organizer with 10 years’ experience in planning music festivals. She compiles her experiences gathered from her travels and from working with artists from all over. She has a lot of insight to help you organize music events. To find out more about what she has to advise, visit her site.


5 things any travel guru will advise you before you travel

by Don under Travel Destinations on Jan 30, 2015

Before you travel, there are some dos and don’ts that you should be aware of that will guarantee a safe trip. These are some of the rules of travel that everyone should know about and that your travel guru will impress upon you before you travel.

1. Watch what you eat

The best way to avoid food poisoning while in a foreign land is to remember the basics about eateries:

• Long queues at eating joints are a good sign. It means that food is always freshly cooked.
• If you can investigate the kitchen, get a sense of the cleanliness of the place.
• Carry some food poisoning medicine just in case something upsets your stomach.
• Finally, don’t trust any water or ice cubes apart from bottled water that is sealed. If possible, buy the well-known brands.

2. Avoid transportation surprises

The best way to shake off that “tourist-naivety-look” is to know as much about your destination as possible. If you don’t have information about a service, ask and confirm before using the service.

For example, find out from your cab driver the distance and cost of a trip before you take the ride. Also, be prepared to pay with small money denominations to avoid losing money because of lack of change.

3. Prepare for your living situation early enough

If you plan on staying at your travel destination for a few days, make your reservations days before you arrive at your destination and make a confirmation 24 hours before you arrive.

If you are going to travel to Los Angeles on vacation, have a look at vacation rentals in Los Angeles depending on the length of your trip and your tastes. You may find that a vacation rental is better for you than a hotel room.

4. How to resolve any issues

You are in a foreign country. Avoid fist fights at all costs. If, for example, you are in a hotel room with a noisy guest, avoid conflict and just call the manager on duty and let him handle it. If someone has to move, be polite enough to be the one to move to a quieter room.

If your hotel bill, for example, has costs that you didn’t know existed. Insist on finding out what they are, and if you don’t understand, call a supervisor or manager to explain it to you. It could be a mistake or a standard cost that is assumed. Either way, a supervisor or manager is better placed to explain the situation to you and help you come to some compromise or resolution.

5. Polite photographs

The best way to take photos of people and places without offending anyone is to ask for permission before you click away. If you have a language barrier try using gestures and your camera. Most people will understand and give you a reaction to indicate if it’s ok or not to take the photo.

Don’t try and be sneaky or insist on doing what seems to be a problem to the locals.

The best rule of thumb when traveling to a new place is to use your common sense where necessary and to follow cues from the locals so that you are not caught offside doing something that is taboo or frowned upon at your travel destination. In all cases, be safe and stay safe.

Author Bio
John Gielgud is a travel consultant based in London, he has 9 years of experience on the job. He is also a writer and regularly contributes in travel magazines and columns. Visit his site to read more about vacation rentals in Los Angeles.


Scotland’s most fascinating and magnificent wild animal?

by Don under Travel Destinations on Dec 03, 2014

There is one creature that can capture the hearts of most with elegant and synchronised movements, brilliant facial expressions and playful behaviours. Dolphins are able to woo both adults and children alike. Dolphins live all over the world; Scotland offers those who visit the coast the opportunity to spot these fascinating marine mammals. Dolphins are inquisitive and love people they are often found playing in the wake of a boat or along the coast. Dolphins in Oban are in a perfect location with many ferries, trip boats and private boats they are provided with ample opportunity to jump spy-hop and swim among the boats in the bays and surrounding islands.

Just South of Oban is Easdale Island, from which Seafari Adventures offer wildlife trips. Unfortunately Seafari cannot promise you sightings of dolphins near Oban, however they do their best to spot them if they are in the area. Their fleet of boats are out on the water every day recording sightings of dolphins off Argyll’s coastline.

The sightings of Dolphins in Oban and Easdale are recorded by Seafari Adventures who then pass the information onto the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust; this helps them with research into “details, sufficiency, dwelling or the bluster that face them.”

Dolphins around Oban are usually Bottlenose Dolphins and can be identified by looking out for their prominent dorsal fin and nose. They can reach up to 3.8 meters in length, and weigh up to 400kgs. They can live up to 30 years old. A calf will stay with its mother for about 8 years. They usually travel in pods of 5 – 100, Here on the West Coast of Scotland we tend to see them in groups of 3 – 30. Seafari’s wildlife guides provide passengers with a wealth of knowledge on this marine mammal and others species seen in the area. As the dolphins in Oban are around all year there is no best time to come out to try and see them. It has been known for dolphins to visit Easdale Sound on Christmas Day which isn’t a bad Christmas present! Seeing these spirited creatures is a wonderful experience that everyone can enjoy.


What you need to know about Bahrain visas for students

by Don under Travel Guide on Sep 24, 2014

Visas in Bahrain are divided according to a number of features they possess. One of them is the reason why one is visiting and how often they plan to do it

Which organization or body is sponsoring your visit also counts. This body can choose to arrange for your visa and have it issued before. Some of the requirements for those wanting to study in Bahrain to get sponsorship for student’s visas include

• A request for the student visa in form of a letter from the student’s parent or guardian

• The student’s original passport

• Proof of the parent or guardian’s income and residence in Bahrain is also important.

• The student also needs to have made the necessary payments as well.

Students visa, Bahrain information

• Some of the learning institutions will follow through the process of getting students their visas. However, the process cannot be guaranteed to be perfect. Having the process started early enough will reduce the delays and have your visa earlier. Nevertheless, the applicant’s nationality and their original state will what’s more play a part in this.

• The importance of a student’s visa for those wanting to study in Bahrain is that it makes it legal for them to live and study in the country.

• Student visa eligibility for immigration from Bahrain will depend on the particular countries they want to move to. Similar to Bahrain visas, these visas will also be varied and have conditions for students. It is important for students to know which fees are covered by the sponsoring institutions and which ones are not; this is especially with those with scholarships.

• Visas can be electronic where you obtain it online or standard where it will need to be manually stamped. It is advisable to always keep yourself informed about the requirements for Bahrain visas and always confirm whether you are eligible before application.

• If you intend to tour Bahrain as a student or for leisure you need to have your passport with extra pages to as to enable for the necessary stamping. The passport of course will need to be updated for you to get a visa.

Other types of Bahrain Visas

Tourist visas

Citizens from the United States, Canada, Hong kong, New Zealand and Australia will get a Bahrain visa for not more than 14 days. They are given out on the day they will arrive while other citizens are required to get it earlier form their embassies. The visitors must own return tickets as well.

Visiting to outside Bahrain, ensure that your passport is legitimate and has been valid for more than 90 days before you can start the process of travelling. If you are visiting from the GCC states and you have a passport, you will not need a Bahrain visa.

Three day and seven day visas

To get these visas processed, one will also need to have a return ticket for the journey. The visa will then be issued when they get to Bahrain.

Family visa

This is for those individuals who intend to permanently move to Bahrain. In order to have the visa processed, one needs to have:

• Records of their family’s health that are obtained from an endorsed health institution

• The contract for the employee

• The application documents

• Copies of the passports that belong to the employee as well as the family members they intend to move with.

• A sponsorship letter belonging to the employee

• The necessary payment fee required for every applicant

With every type of visa, there are rules and conditions one has to follow. They provide guidance on how long one can stay, what activities one is prohibited from engaging in. For instance, upon visiting the country with a tourist visa, one is a tourist and not authorized to engage in any employment.